Do It To Save Your Wedding!

Marriage is about commitment, a commitment to put others before self. If you want to rededicate your commitment to marriage, consider making it clear and real so that your partner can see the commitment. Give your partner a gift. Or you can click here to get more information about how to save your marriage.

– Ring
– Photos
– Flowers or plants (something that grows)
– Food
– Artwork (made by you)

Couples whose marriages are in danger often travel, both far and near, because something monotonous in life at home makes them not feel special with each other. When work obligations, children, and family are far away, couples find again the reason they fell for the first time.

Try dating. A loving marriage is that both still like the idea of being alone with a partner. Some couples try to arrange a date each week, others every few weeks. At least try to plan a one-night date with only you and your spouse once a month. This will help ignite the passion for each other, as well as alleviate the daily responsibilities.