Some of These Oil Types That Your Car Needs

The car you have of course requires proper care and in accordance with his needs. One treatment that should not be missed is the change of oil. Oil change should always be done within a certain period of time because it can affect the performance of the machine. For this, you can find out more at

For cars, there are several types of oil that you can use, some of which are

1. Engine Oil
This type of oil is a type of lubricant used to lubricate the engine of the car. Its main function is to reduce friction between the components of the car. This oil also works to cool your car engine temperature.

2. Brake Oil
This type of oil has a function that is quite important in the braking system because it will affect the function of braking on the car. In this oil selection, make sure that you select an oil type that does not have a volatile nature.

3. Transmission Oil
Usefulness of this type of oil is to facilitate the change in the gear of the car and care for transmission components to avoid the risk of damage.