Which is Better, Plain Carpets or Patterned Carpets?

Motif carpet that is not in accordance with the furniture or the condition of the room will actually damage the concept of the room to be formed. Before deciding to buy a carpet motive or plain, better note the room code, function room, the concept to be formed in the room, and also clean with routine washing at carpetcleanersnorthshore.com/. Apart from that, the following Excess of Plain Carpets and Motive Rugs!

Plain Carpet
A minimalist room has a small size, but one way to make an illusion of spacious room is a plain carpet. Moreover, if the color of the carpet using neutral colors such as white. Use with a plain also fit in a room that takes the concept of monochrome color. Usually, this monochrome color is used to create a modern and elegant impression, such as black color for example.

Pattern Carpet
Carpet motifs will work best if applied to a large room. The number of motives that exist on the carpet will create a crowded impression on the floor of the room. Carpet motifs are also suitable for rooms that do not use decor accents too much.