The basics in holding a ball in Softball

Softball is a game that is almost similar to the game of ball soccer ball sports team consisting of two teams. The creator of the softball game is George Hancock and the first time this softball game was in the United States in 1887. The softball game was created because of the development of similar sports such as baseball or hardball. Meanwhile, you can also look for the best slowpitch softball bats, if you need to upgrade your softball equipment soon.

Once we know the meaning of softball game, then we will discuss the basic softball techniques that must be mastered by players such as the basic technique of holding the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball, holding the wood and holding the wood. Well for the full explanation refer below.

The technique of holding the ball in softball game there are three kinds of ways that are holding with four fingers, three fingers, and two fingers.

The technique of holding a four-finger ball is a technique that should be for beginners and who have short fingers. How to do that is the fifth part of the finger is around the ball in such a way that it becomes a grip. This grip technique is usually used for children, beginners or players with short fingers.

Technique of Holding Three Finger Ball
The technique of holding a three-finger ball is a technique that players who have small hands or short fingers do. This technique or method of placing three index fingers, middle finger, and ring finger at the top and the little finger and thumb is at the bottom.

Technique of Holding Two Finger Ball
The technique of holding a two-finger ball is suitable for players who have large hands or long fingers. Techniques or this way is to fit the index finger, middle finger on the top of the ball, then supported with the other three fingers at the bottom of the ball.