Lobsters were used to be in the prisoner’s food menu

In the 17th and 18th centuries in the United States, lobster is very easy to find on various beaches there. At that time even someone was fishing for an hour and would get a bucket full of lobsters. Because of the overwhelming amount and the frequent occurrence of poisoning symptoms by then, then people think lobster is not a precious food. Meanwhile, you can also check out the Red Lobster Lunch Menu if you want to get the better prices for lunch there.

In those days lobsters were used as feed for livestock and pets. For Indians, lobsters are used as fertilizer and bait for fishing. At that time, this food is also only given to slaves and prisoners only. Use like this that makes this food is regarded as worthless. In addition, when it was also people have not found a delicious way of cooking for lobster.

In the early 1800s, there was a change in the fate of lobsters. Begin to find the right way of cooking and this dish began to be served first time on the train. At that time the lobster still has not been shown as intact as it is today. Once it has been recognized by many people delicious then the lobster dish is developed and not hidden again form.

In about the 1920s after World War I, lobsters began to be regarded as a top class dish for the aristocrats. In the era of the great depression of the 1950s, lobsters returned to food for many people because of the economic difficulties made many people search for free food. But after that era is over, lobsters back victorious and become expensive food to date.