Tips to Fix the Painting Wall Paint

The cause of wall paint is peeling off. The most fundamental is the age of the old wall paint so that the diminishing power is reduced. Incorrect re-painting with other materials has an effect on the wall paint layer cannot be attached to each other. In addition, you should also pay attention to the proper painting techniques as can be done by to paint your house walls are not easy to peel. Apart from that, here are some tips to fix the flaking wall paint!

Peel out All the Old Paint.
Painted wall paint must be thrown away so that new wall paint can be attached to the wall so the cost of re-painting is not useless.

Apply Basic Wall Paint
You can use basic wall paint without dilution, 1 layer only. Allow drying for at least 2 hours.

Apply End Wall Paint
Paint the wall must be in accordance with 10-20% dilution, two to three layers. The time interval of painting is 2 hours. Allow drying.