Types of Stories that Readers Love

The Stories about Travel
There are so many stories that have been generated by the author about personal experiences while traveling. By telling a personal experience about your unique journey it will easily readers love it. However, if you are still new to the world of writing, then for a start it will be better if you practice writing about your vacation experience to a place such as Phoenix AZ or to places that people rarely visit before.

Unexpected Stories (Containing Twist)
No matter how short or simple the story, the unexpected story always attracts my attention. This type of story is clearly designed carefully by the author. The effect is very diverse on the reader. Can be angry, annoyed, feel cheated, or even laugh? In terms of a twist, I was always fooled by Agatha Christie.

The Story of Abstinence
I or you must have felt despair once or twice. Not necessarily we accept the opinions of people, eg friends, parents or boyfriend when we are in this state. The story of abstinence-giving up always gives us the inspiration to rise from adversity. May the authors of abstinence-surrender always go to heaven.