Foods That Should Be Avoid By Mental Disorders Patients

If you have problems with mental health, such as anxiety, stress, and depression, you have to be wise in choosing foods. In addition, if the disorder continues, it would be better if you consulted at to get treatment from the therapist immediately. Apart from that, here are some foods that should be shunned!

1. Caffeine
Caffeine is known as a stimulant and psychoactive substance also has a reputation as a trigger of the body’s active response and actually makes people who drink it more nervous.

2. Sugar
Natural or artificial, sugar is still not a good friend for the body. Although the results showed sugar has no connection with mental problems, this sweetener still causes changes in the body that can exacerbate mental problems and make the body’s ability to face stress decreases. Same with caffeine, sugar can also change the mood, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue.

3. Processed foods
Processed foods usually contain preservatives and other additives and are claimed to be less good for health, especially digestion. In fact, digestive health can be the beginning of the emergence of symptoms of anxiety problems and an up and down mood.